Are you Pregnant & Considering Adoption?

Are you pregnant and seeking to give your baby up for adoption?  Are you seeking a supporive family looking to adopt?  I’m financially secure with a large family and seeking to adopt.  If you’re pregnant and want to give your baby up for adoption and looking for someone to place your baby up for adoption, please kindly complete the Contact Form with your name and telephone number.  I’ll be glad to connect with you, learn more about you, and find out how I can help you.

If you are pregnant and seeking to place your baby up for adoption, please read Valerie’s Message below:

I did not dream about wearing a wedding dress and having a party.
My dream has always been to have my own family.

I am so very grateful for your choosing to be selfless and giving me a chance to fulfill my dream.

What I know about you:
I know that you have chosen life for your child
I know that you have chosen the more difficult path.
Your instincts to do what’s best for your child is what is first and foremost.

I consider myself as blessed to be considered by you as your child’s adopting parent.

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Are you pregnant?

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About Valerie

What I can tell you about me:
I have spent my personal and professional life helping others.
I have maintained a healthy lifestyle and am in perfect health.
I am financially secure and am fortunate enough that I can be a stay at home mother.
I have a huge support system : family, friends, neighbors and church.   
I would give my unconditional love to my child.
I want my child to feel safe in knowing I would be there always.
I would devote my life to nurturing the gifts and natural talents they have within.
I would be an example for my child to follow of how to be ones best version of themself.
I would teach my child to be resilient and to love themselves despite failure and obstacles.
I want my child not to be afraid to follow their dreams.
I can attest that anything is possible with the proper guidance and support.
I would instill the importance of loving themselves and being kind to others.
My next chapter in my life would be dedicated solely to my child.
I would be happy to answer any questions you would have for me.
I would love for you to share what’s most important for you to know about me and what you need from me to raise your child.
Thank you for allowing me the chance to fulfill my dream of having my own family.


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Get same day connected with family and family's attorney

Provide health history

Discuss Assistance Needed, Including Financial

Wait for Birth, Get to Know Family, Get Counseling

Place Baby for Adoption with Family

Frequently Asked Questions

The below FAQS are not legal advice but merely offered as suggestion points to discuss with qualified adoption professionals.

Here’s one way:

(1) Call Adam at 800-790-5260 and Complete Health Background Forms;

(2) Meet the Family; and

(3) Transfer Custody and Execute Termination Paperwork.

Yes. Adoption is available for any age from newborn to older to much older.

Generally speaking, yes. It is common for the family adopting the child to cover the expenses involved.

Call Adam at 1-800-790-5260, complete health background forms, and talk with a family to decide if they’re the right fit for you and your baby.

No. Birth parents do not get paid, ever. Depending on the circumstances, it may be possible for the biological mother to receive financial assistance towards her living expenses. These funds are not payments. They are funds to provide assistance for food, clothing, shelter, medications, etc. and reported and closely monitored by the Court.

The answer to this question is dependent on the facts of each particular case. There are lots of questions to ask, some are: Are you married? Has the father supported you or the baby? Was the conception the result of a rape? It is important to discuss this with an attorney as quickly as possible.